Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Will be busy throughout March



  1. Oh,too bad,although I kinda understand that.But may I ask if you can at least release one chapter for march?

  2. I understand we also have things to do in life,
    but you may release any chapter?
    In special tonari, I love this manga
    Good luck :D

  3. Yo, stubborn, are you still interested in the first chapters of Nguruwa Kaihou, the ones you are missing? I got them and could easily upload them if you want to work on them. It’s a bit sad that a manga you love, couldn’t be scanlated from the start and you only could do vol 2 and up. So just tell me and I’ll upload them for you. You can do it via my blog at http://saberismine.wordpress.com/ or irc on irchighway in chan #shi-ki ^^

  4. haha, ok, im a fellow singaporean as well o_o, keep the nice translation going

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  6. Hello,

    I'm in a french scanlation (new team Subarashii no Yume) and first of all I apologize for taking your traductions for Tonari no Kawishama-san to translate them in french without your permissions.
    And I want your permissions to continue to translate this series in French. I hope a positive answer of you.

    Thanks kitsune-kun.

  7. Ye fool! Don't apologize to leechers!