Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sugar Dark 3



  1. Thank you so much!!!!
    It's really a sugar (heroine) dark (story) XD

  2. On page 28, Raven says that population is "Three Thousand Two Hundred and Seventy Thousand." Was this supposed to be read as 3,270,000? Except that on next page, Raven says that the population 100 years ago was "Twenty Six Hundred Thousand" (2,600,000) and is about 1/100 of the current population.

    So what's the numbers supposed to be?

  3. Oops, meant 1/10 of current pop.

  4. "Three thousand" and "two hundred and seventy thousand" are different numbers. It's not mentioned when those were measured.

    I'm iffy on the 2600000, imo it makes more sense that that's the current population, but the chinese raws say otherwise

  5. Huh... so from 270,000 to 2,600,000. By comparison, the population of the North America grew by 6-7 times from 1900 to 2000. That's not just a lot of people having a lot of babies, that's a huge amount of infrastructure being built for these new people to live and work in.
    For such a population boom, the government would have to be encouraging its populace to have children...