Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bushido Sixteen 18 (END)


First series I've completed I think

Maybe I shouldn't have rushed this over the past week? It's probably going to fade away now... Next time I should just put one out once a week or something


  1. end!!!
    just like that!!!
    terrible!!! really frustrating. such a good story and shitty ending

    did the author die?

  2. I think it was ok
    Maybe the LN is different

  3. How dare you?!

    Oh well I just have to watch the drama instead :P

    to sakura8429; Ever read or watched Shion no Ou? Well after doing that you may not get surprised by the end of this one...

    Anyway, Stubborn, thanks a lot for doing this. I liked what I saw in the first 2 vols in the raw and then when you scanlated it. Thanks for doing it.

    Soo...what are you going to pick up now? :p

  4. Thank you for scanlating this series all the way to the end.

    Ever thought of working on Shion no Ou? The artist for the series is the same as Bushido Sixteen, but I think it ended slightly better than Bushido Sixteen, as in it wasn't as awkward. Only 4 volumes out of 8 were scanlated so far. But I'm happy that I can now read Bushido Sixteen to the fullest extent.

  5. i've watched shion no ou, and i think it's good. this one is totally different. the story is good and beautiful and i find it really exhilarating. the art and scanlation is also beautiful, however the story of the last 2 or 3 chapters quite the opposite. it's like the author just dumped it like trash.

  6. Just saw this series today on MangaUpdates. Any of you guys know where I can find the first 2 chapters? The guys working on this before are long gone.

  7. You can find c1-2 on their forums
    Still waiting for Sugar Dark 3 to come. Kinokuniya Bookweb is surprisingly atrocious. It's been delayed a week now.

  8. Tried, sadly the links are all dead.

  9. First sorry for my bad english.
    Second thank you very much for this great manga. One question: you will translate the other version of this manga is called Bushdou Sixteen (Ozaki Akira?
    I hope
    Thanks again

  10. The first two chapters you can find them on Mangafox. I can't find the Ozaki Akira version, so probably not.

  11. A penalty. To see if we are lucky and find the achievements XD
    how sad.