Monday, September 19, 2011

Sugar Dark 15


Chinese scans of Kamisama no Nichiyoubi 3 are missing three pages (no dialogue). Tried using a camera but failed. Will try to do something before my deportation.


  1. Thanks for the chapter ^^ Moul sure does piss me off sometimes.
    Deportation, hm? Just as I suspected, you're the ring-leader of the international slave, gun, and drug trade. For shame!
    ... Any discounts when I buy in bulk? :p

  2. thank you, can't wait for the next chapter, what is the est until next release?

  3. Gah, I don't know what it is about this series that keeps me wanting more, I personally think its just barely above mediocre but it knows just the right spots to end a chapter and make you NEED to know whats gonna happen next. Damn you Sugar Dark!

  4. Hi Subborn, I found Kashiwagi-san Chapter 19-22.
    But in Chinese lang. Can you translate fron it?
    If you can, it will be great!


  5. I'll be away for quite a while (not exactly deported haha) so I won't be touching it for a while. Perhaps you can find someone else if you need it urgently (=

  6. Never mind, it's not urgent. I have more project to translate too.

    Thanks anyway ^^

  7. huhuu...thanks for the release!

  8. Just wanted to say thanks for translating this. I'm really enjoying the story. Hope to see more soon, but take your time.
    Thanks again!