Sunday, December 11, 2011

Huge fail

I realised that I've been translating 大人しい wrongly as 'mature' for nearly a year
Sorry guys
I'll still be translating Sonna Mirai if you trust my ability...


  1. Doesn't matter. I've seen other major failures. That's a bit insignificant compared to others. I still have faith in you.

  2. Here you are!

    The END Chapter of Sugar Dark

    Credit to VirusEddy


  3. holy shit!
    thats it ?!
    there will be no more sugar dark?
    the next one will be tha last?
    i really liked it ! :'(

  4. Oop, i got 大人しい the same meaning as you did until i look at the dictionary (but obedient = behave like an adult i guess? )... never too late to learn thing :D
    Thanks a lot for all the projects you've done so far,Great jobs!!!!
    (You saved me lots of time reading the raw ^^)