Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi 17


I heard this is an anime now?? o__0


  1. Yes. It's more action-y than I expected.

    They also dispensed entirely with the "happy fun times" prologue that makes the eventual massacre of the village as significant to the reader/viewer as it is to Ai, and I'm not sure how to feel about that. I feel like it's a missed opportunity; we care that Ai cares, because we have the time to get to know her, to sympathise and empathise with her - and it isn't hard, she is young, she is cute, and she is possessed of a charming, childish innocence. The fact that everyone around her pretended and they hid the truth from her, how when the covers are pulled from her eyes, it exposes the depth of her ignorance - it gives meaning to her search for answers, and it gives value to the mystery of the story. And when all her happiness turns to ashes, when all her love turns to rage, when her entire world is turned upside down and her fundamental worldview is shattered and she is left feeling desolate and confused and alone... it matters.

    Instead, the anime just starts from the position of darkness, of grimness, such that it contains no tragedy, and we cannot be brought to care. Life is a bitch for you and Ai and everyone - whatever. But then I suppose they want to get through the material as fast as they can. And it's not nearly as ridiculous as TWGOK season 3's skipping of material. And the atmosphere is a little different, it's darker, judging by the first episode alone anyway.

    Good animation though.

  2. yeah it's an anime now ^^^

    thanks for the new chapter :)

  3. Sad to say but the manga is 1000x better than the anime.

    The first episode covered the entire first volume skipping most of the good stuff. My hope for the rest of the anime is now gone(will still watch).

    I rarely post comments but I just had to say Thank You for scanalating this manga.

  4. Where do you get your scan from?