Monday, May 17, 2010

How do I make raws?

I saw Bloody Cross Volume 3 at Kino and it has chapters 9+, which aren't out online AFAIK. Anyone knows how to put raws online? (I bought it asd!@#$%)

Also, are the Durarara novels good?


  1. first, you need a scanner to scan the images from your book to your computer.
    second, find a host to upload them.(i think you already know this step <3)

  2. I think you can find here chapters 1-11:

  3. There's an introduction chapter on Gangan - the quality is beautiful... but the chapter itself somewhat protected.
    Find it here.

    I'm uploading it to my 4shared, and will most likely post a link on my LJ. If you'd like, I can email it to you.