Sunday, October 24, 2010

Son of a

I come back and start the computer and something called FLVtube appears and starts installing itself. The mouse goes crazy and altF4 doesn't work. I shut the computer down asap, but it reappears when I restart. Anyone knows how to deal with it?


  1. Looks I'm too late to be of any help (my first visit to this blog), but just for future reference, when you encounter suspicious stuff, boot up Windows in safe mode and try to remove it.

    If you don't need any Windows-only software (like PS), try out some Linux distros - I recommend Ubuntu. Just Google it up.

  2. its really late to say this, but in case you got into the same trouble,

    if you want to try kill the virus,
    -find out what kind of, at least a name of the damn virus(see the task manager, the start up in msconfig, you will see some program that you usually dont see there with strange name)

    -use live CD of ubuntu for removing the virus. how? check the information on the net of the virus name. the one that in your case probably place themself in Local Setting in Application folder. also they are in registry editor and start up to claim themself as a rightful program in your PC. use terminal to remove these files or Command Prompt in case you use other Windows in your HDD (yes its possible using other Windows in diff partition)

    - the other way is to simply scan your HDD through ext case from other PC that got a good updated antivirus for malwares and trojan etc.

    the Spartan way :
    - use live CD ubuntu to boot or any other PC with Linux (that means to make your HDD as a removeable disk/external HDD. or simply install Linux in the same HDD)
    - transfer your precious data in back up folder (in the other disk or Linux partition in the same HDD)
    - you can just format the partition or HDD that contain the virus
    - next time use better antivirus for malware, trojan. i recommend Kaspersky or Bit def(for nonlocal viruses) combine with a local antivirus( for local viruses threat)
    - and next time dont click on suspicious links, and beware of certain blogs that pops up advertising
    - use firefox plugin to block adv or disable javascript to completely remove all adv