Sunday, January 2, 2011

最近妹のようすがちょっとおかしいんだが 1


Something like "Recently my sister's a little weird". Cynthia 32 is too hard for me )= Time to tech up...

Catching up with C79 before I go back to camp. First week of the year and there's already outfield and parade )= Sad new year



  1. Thanks for this chapter. Seems interesting.

  2. I can't see the name of this manga. it's all in black bars. is in another language, isn't it?.

    do you mind typing it in english? it can't be announced in manga-updates like this.


  3. it's 'Saikin Imouto no yousu ga chotto okashii ndaga'

  4. hello, thank you for this manga, ¿are you going to do the next chapters? I find that there are 3 chapters more and upcoming.

    Please answer me, I like this manga.

  5. Hi StubbornOne,
    I didn't find a way to contact you directly, so I will post it here.
    Since the original scanlation group that was doing the project dropped it apparently(mid Vol 2), I was wondering if you would want to continue it. I got my hands on high Quality scans for Vols 1-4. I can do all the editing, I would just need your translations.
    I really like the manga and would like to keep it going. If you are interested please let me know.

    Kind Regards!