Friday, January 21, 2011

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san 4



  1. ty for the new chapters we will look forward to the next one~ :D

  2. Yay! More Kashiwagi-san! Thanksss

  3. thanks for the chapter great chapter ^^ Kashiwagi is so cute >.> in this chapter

  4. thank you for the release, but i have to ask, can you use zip or rar?

    i dont like having to unzip and re zip this every new chapter, i will keep doing that if you decide to keep using 7 zip, it would just be more convent because the reader i prefer to used cant deal with 7zip files.

  5. Looking at the scans, I can notice some mistakes in the cleaning that could be corrected, you just gotta pay attention. mostly:
    1) pages are in jpeg, and they are humongously big (in bytes, resolution is fine). a normal manga page should be less than 500KBytes (200~300k should be enough). that is done with good cleaning and use og PNG files. jpeg introduces noise in the image, so that's a problem too. reducing the number of colors in the image, saving as PNG and running the PNG through an optimizer (optipng/pngout) does wonders fot the filesize without visibly changing the image (this must be done after the cleaning). more info:
    2) to reduce jpeg noise from RAWs you can use selective gaussian blur; try playing with radius between 2 and 5, and max delta between 30 and 50 - 4/50 gave me good results, but it always depends on the scan and the final effect you want. Color count reduction takes care of some of the invisible noise too, and using levels like 30~50 in the black clipping and 250 in the white clipping give me good results, but then again it depends on the scan.
    3) healing tool I guess you already found how to use it in GIMP (you asked in a previous post), but just in case: ctrl+click to select what you want to clone, and click to clone to a new area. Using a drawing tablet helps A LOT, and it doesn't have to be a wacom, which are expensive; I use a Genius and it works fine, but I recomendo you not to touch a wacom if you can't buy it because it'll make you want to throw the genius to the trash =P